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An American Story by Tom Graves
Story of the Nisei veteran. 

Go For Broke - Story of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team 

"Go For Broke" performed by Jake Shimabukuro . Dedicated to all Japanese-American soldiers. Research by Anna Mori, edited by Risa Mori. 

See the video: Go For Broke-Story of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team

Salute to Nisei Veterans at the Presidio 
On Memorial Day 2011, Nisei World War II veterans, Executive Director of The Presidio Trust Craig Middleton, members of the National Japanese American Historical Society (NJAHS), and community members gathered to celebrate the signing of an agreement between NJAHS and the Trust to rehabilitate Building 640 in the Presidio of San Francisco for reuse as the Military Intelligence Service Historic Learning Center (MISHLC).
See the video: Salute to the Nisei Veterans at the Presidio 


442: Live with Honor, Die with Dignity 2010  DVD 
Written & directed by Junichi Suzuki

Testimonies of former veterans including Senator Daniel K. Inouye and interviews with actor George Takei and prominent community leaders.   Important historic battles and events are narrated by actor and filmmaker Lane Nishikawa using footages and photos from the Washington National Archives. Music by Grammy and Golden Globe Award-Winning Kitaro. 2010 Maui Film Festival Audience Award Special Prize.
Caution: War scenes may be too violent for some. 
  MIS - Human Secret Weapon  DVD
Written & directed by Junichi Suzuki
A secret unit of the U.S. Army during World War II, the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) was almost comprised of Nisei, 2nd generation Japanese American, military men who had pledged absolute allegiance to the United States at a time when most were facing social and political inequalities. This film will explore an untold chapter in Japanese American history of how the MIS contributed to America's victory and to Japan's recovery after the World War II ended.  
Only the Brave  DVD
Director: Lane Nishikawa 2009
A searing portrait of war and prejudice, Only the Brave takes you on a haunting journey into the hearts and minds of the forgotten heroes of WWII the Japanese-American 100th/442nd. In 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, overnight Japanese Americans were put into internment camps for the duration of the war. Determined to prove their loyalty, 1400 Japanese Americans successfully petitioned the government to serve becoming the 100th Infantry Battalion. They were sent to North Africa, Italy and finally France were they performed an impossibly-dangerous rescue of the Texas 36th Division. During their two years of combat these men received an unparalleled 21 Medals of Honor, 9,486 Purple Hearts, 8 Presidential Citations, 53 Distinguished Service Crosses, 588 Silver Stars and 5,200 Bronze stars making them the most decorated unit of their size in American military history. This is their story. 
Rated  R for violenceWar scenes may be too violent for some.

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